Japanese Nuru Rub/Massage
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What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru Massage is a fantastic once-in-a-limetime experience. It is a super-charged bodyslide using imported Nuru Gel.

Nuru massage combines an exhilarating super-slippery bodyslide with the eroticism of a full body sensual massage. The massage is done on an smooth surface in which the frictionless surface allows for super slippery gliding of bodies against one another. It's like a body-slide on hydraulics. The sensation of smooth skin on skin sliding is super-fun, intimate, and very erotic. We provide a truly memorable exotic experience.

All the staff are young and busty ladies. The environment is upscale and very clean with central air-conditioning and heating. It is an extremely private location. When you visit us, it is like visiting your friend with benefits. At the Nururub studio you can be comfortable and confident. You don't need to snake around.

Why is Nuru Massage popular?

Nothing has captured the imagination of people quite like Nuru Massage. Just like the iPhone, this phenomenon is been talked about for two years. Its sensual. Its exciting. Its visually stimulating. Its good exercise. Its edible.

Many have tried bodysliding with oil and reached the same conclusion: a bodyslide is like a trip to hell. Far too hot, greasy, dirty and smelly to became a mainstay of life. Along comes nuru gel in 2008 and it has been a revelation. Its like heaven: Cool, clean, smooth and incredibly sensual. It shimmers like an angel in the night. Nuru Gel enhances rather than detracts from the interaction. Nothing is more natural an fun than having a young woman slide all over your frame with her "gelled-up" body. A wonderfully exotic escape from the monotony of Canadian life.

Nuru Massage is Healthy

Nuru Gel is far superior to massage oil because it is:
  • natural
  • non-alergetic
  • colourless
  • unscented
  • easily absorbed by the skin
  • super-slippery
  • non-greasy
  • water-soluble
The year won't be complete unless you experience the joy of Nuru Massage.