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Nuru Massage

  • Complete full body to body slide Nuru rub/massage: $220 for 60 minutes
  • Complete full body to body slide Nuru rub/massage: $160 for 30 minutes

Why the high cost?

Providing Nuru Massage in Toronto is much more work than regular massage.
It isn't easy running a Nuru massage business. More overhead is required compared to a typical massage parlour.
It is possible the costs associated with Nuru are an issue. The gel is expensive (about $50 per session). You need enough room for a mattress, and a shower in the room. The girls need to be trained to act a little differently. Plus, the turnover time is about 50% longer than other sessions. Economically, it doesn't earn as much for the spa as standard massages. For Nuru massage the price would normally be around 300 dollars or more per hour (and at $300 an hour few customers would line up for it). So you can see that our price are lower than normal. And all our attendants treat our clients using lots of skill.

Japanese Nuru Rub/Massage charges the industry standard price for Toronto.